250 words Readings Use your Social Policy and Social Programs text to complete t

250 wordsReadingsUse your Social Policy and Social Programs text to complete the following:Read Chapter 4, “Who Gets What: The Analysis of Types of Benefits and Services,” pages 63–78.Use the course reading to complete the following:Woolf, S. H., Braveman, P., Ren, C., Johnson, R. E., Haley, A. D., Walker, A. R., … Wernham, A. (2013). What are the health consequences of reduced food stamp eligibility? An examination of the evidence for the U.S. Congress. VCU Center on Society and Health.**Why should social workers advocate for the use of assistance other than  in-kind benefits? What types of benefits would you advocate for the  oppressed group you researched in the first discussion in Unit 1?***RACIAL discrimination//blacks

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