4-1 Discussion: Advocacy and Social Transformation

In this module, you explore the concept of advocacy as it relates to behavior change and social transformation. As humans, we have an innate tendency toward avoiding challenge and maintaining the status quo. However, change requires us to defy that tendency and take action. As you explore the advocacy priorities that impact society and culture, you become aware of how the smallest changes in your attitudes and actions can affect the greatest changes in the world around you.First, title your post “Advocacy and Social Transformation.”For your initial post, you will define and reflect on the factors that influence advocacy orientations and social transformation. Your post should address the following:In your own words, define advocacy and describe its relevance to social change agency.What aspects of your personality or lived experience inspire the advocate in you?Describe why you believe resilience and coping skills are critical to the success of an advocate.Describe one simple way that you could advocate for a social cause in your workplace, group, or community that would not require significant time, energy, or resources.Describe how advocacy and social transformation connect to one of the following programmatic themes:Self-careSocial justiceEmotional intelligenceCareer connectionsEthics
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