6 Page Research Paper on Coral Reef Degradation and efforts to restore

Each student will be required to complete a research paper that covers any topic within the field of oceanography or marine biology that has been discussed in a popular press article (i.e., newspaper/magazine/online article) within the past year only. These articles may only come from a news source. Examples may include the Wall Street Journal, The New York Times, CNN, etc. Blog articles (opinion pieces) will not be accepted.
My Topic: I am very interested in coral reef and the current efforts to rebuild and restore it. The reefs are dying off, and researchers worldwide are trying to figure out how to save them. There is an article last week from the New York Times about this issue (“Building a Better Coral Reef”). Not only does the effort to save these reefs interest me, but also the ethical issues that it raises to do so. I plan to speak about both of these in my paper and presentation. Please discuss multiple types of coral reef restoration, not just genetically engineered reefs.

The file attached is some of the guidelines. I have provided you with the citations sheet (article summary) as well with 6 sources. You are welcome to use more then those sources, but please do not plagiarize. Also make sure to pull data from those articles and not just read the abstract.

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