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Create a 1 day Tennis Clinic event for Elementary School and Open to public
Taking place at Montgomery Country Club Tennis court AL
The topic will be the Tennis Clinic event
Paper: 6 pages12 point font; Times New Roman Double lines spacing
This event should host at least more than 1000 people.
Please use the following as the guideline for your final project.
1. Identify the type of events (10 points), the reasoning behind choosing that event type, target event audience, how to reach out the audience
2. Event objectives (5 points): event purpose is clearly defined
3. Site Selection (15 points): criterion, selection supports event type & purpose
4. Event collaterals
5. Site decoration (10 points)
6. Activities (15 points): activities and ancillary programs match the event purpose and objectives
7. Timeline (5 points): address what tasks need to be completed prior to event day (e.g. invites sent, food ordered, venue booked, etc)
8. Menu (15 points): appropriate menu choices selected and amount for each item are identified
9. Proposed budget (15 points)
10. Day of timeline (5 points)
11. Reflection (5 points)
References and Resources (listed in APA style) Required only for in-text citation and reference list.

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