A report book writing about a book “- Fire in the Grove: The Cocoanut Grove Tragedy and Its Aftermath, John Esposito, ISBN 978-0306815010; “

You will read the book on fires affecting elements of the built environment, covering a wide range of time. Upon completion of the book submit an electronic report (pdf, .doc, or .docx ONLY)
The book is” Fire in the Grove: The Cocoanut Grove Tragedy and Its Aftermath, John Esposito, ISBN 978-0306815010;”
Be sure that your report answers the following questions:
1. WHAT BOOK did you read (give a full bibliographic citation)? (after report as an appendix)
2. What happened in the fire described in the book? Describe some particulars such as when and where did the fire occur, what type of structure was it, how severe was it – basically telling the story of the fire. Also, think about the kinds of destruction that are described – where was there significant damage, and why? Why did the fire happen? (1.5 pages max)
3. Why were so many people injured or killed? Be specific, and try to categorize the reasons that are expressed in the book. (2 pages max) Think about ways to present this information clearly, perhaps using tables or figures, or clearly organized text.
4. CONFIRM that the author is accurate. You will want at least two other sources (only one of which is internet based) that will allow you to opine on whether the author(s) of your book is accurate, in keeping with most people, or controversial in their theories about the ways the fire started or why it was so dangerous.
5. Was the structure typical of other similar structures at that time? Would the same thing likely have happened at another similar structure? Were there specific features that did not comply with the law?
6. Did YOU like this book? Would you recommend it to others? Produce a review of it as an object of entertainment, perhaps using a review of a book in a magazine or newspaper as an example. (0.5 page max)
The overall report will be full 6 pages in length, not counting any cover, table of contents, or appendices. You should use double space, 12 point font, 1 in margins all around. Number your pages. Spelling, grammar, presentation will be graded.
SUGGESTED* OUTLINE: Front Matter (cover page, table of contents) Introduction, to include a brief summary and a hint as to your key observations Description of the Fire, to include item 2 above Impact of the Fire, to include item 3 above Setting of the Fire, to include item 5 above Conclusions, to include your thoughts on, for example, any particularly interesting thoughts or observations you have on the fire and its relationship to cultural or functional design decisions or systems.
you should determine if you believe that the author is expressing widely held or controversial views (item 4 above), and present this information as appropriate and relevant inside other sections. Back matter (a reference list with complete bibliographic records for any sources including the book you read and auxiliary sources (items 1 and 4), your review (item 6), and other relevant information you wish to include).
you MUST have an organized presentation of your thoughts, with paragraphs and groupings of content that make it readable.
Also, of the guiding questions, all are answered clearly and well, in a way that they can be found. The report is written in a professional tone, with only one or two errors in English spelling and grammar. There are no errors in fact or areas left incomplete. The report addresses the questions asked, and goes beyond by evidencing interest in the subject, additional research into the event, and is interesting and engaging to read. Very specific concepts from the class are applied to the reading in new ways, and/or original examples are used to illustrate concepts from the reading. The report is well organized and clear.

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