Action Learning Project Prepare an 8-10 page report summarizing your action learning project, including the following components: A description of the organiza

20 Jun Action Learning Project Prepare an 8-10 page report summarizing your action learning project, including the following components: A description of the organiza

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***Instructions are attached***
READ Carefully please.

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The organization used is “made up” so please be innovative to add to what I’ve included thus far– you may only need to write about 4-5 pages for this request.

Action Learning Project
Prepare an 8-10 page report summarizing your action learning project, including the following components:
· A description of the organization *INCLUDED*
· The process you used for your diversity needs analysis *INCLUDED*
· A summary and analysis of the information/metrics you examined and data you collected
· A summary of the organization’s diversity and inclusion goals
· Conclusions about the diversity paradigm(s) the organization is operating in and its strengths and challenges related to diversity and inclusion
· A set of recommendations for the organization about actions it can take to move toward its diversity and inclusion goals, including recommendations for reducing potential resistance
· The high-level design for at least two interventions you would recommend to support the organization’s goals
· Recommendations for metrics to measure the effectiveness and ROI of the proposed diversity initiatives
· A proposed plan for moving forward on your recommendations and the suggested interventions laying out short-term, mid-term, and long-term steps
A reference page in APA style with at least 8 references from peer-review journals
****Use the Grading Criteria as a guideline for the paper****** Please contact me if you have ANY QUESTIONS!

Week 1: Action Learning Project
The Center of Development, Inc
The organization that will be used for the Action Learning Project is called Center of Development, Inc. The mission of this organization is to build sustainable programs that reach the core issues associated with struggling communities and bring new opportunities for prosperity. The organization plans accomplish this mission through a progressive plan of action that combines community partnering, empowerment and knowledge.
The Center of Development, Inc. is considered a small business that was established in 2015. The location of this business is in Richmond, Virginia. The founder and president of company is Ms. Karen D. Harris, she also operates as the Strategic HR Director. Ms. Harris will be serving as the key point of contact for this project. As the president of this organization, Ms. Harris’ main goal is to direct the actions of 21 employees. With the duties as a Strategic HR Director, Ms. Harris coordinates and/or combines the elements of employee relations, employee recruitment, and selection. She also develops an organizational culture that fosters a respectful, inclusive environment where each employee has the opportunity to gain experience, grow and contribute to the overall success of the organization.
Schedule and Communication
The first meeting with Ms. Harris was May 18, 2022, at the location of the business. During this meeting, there was discussion of the potential data to be collected from this organization. Ms. Harris and I both read, agreed with, and signed the confidentially agreement (attached). We also agreed to be in communication at least twice a week for the duration of the project, until June 20, 2022, which is the last day of the course.
Week 4- Action Learning Project
Needs Analysis Plan
The Strategic HR Director at The Center of Development, Inc. in Richmond, Virginia agreed to be the organization for the Action Learning Project. After serval visits to this organization, I was able to sit down with the HR Director and two other department managers and offer them the information I wanted to collect from the organization as well as how this information would benefit their organization. A needs analysis is a tool that can provide an organization with the raw data that can be a driver for change, and provide possible solutions to improve productivity (Hatten, 2018). For this project, I wanted to identify the specific needs of managers, employees, and the community that they are serving.
Below is a form I created to try to organize the information I wanted to address with the organization. I noticed the HR Manager as well as the other employees I spoke with were not so interested in giving up any additional information. When it came to what I could offer the organization, the HR Director and I came up with improvements for the organization. Since my first meeting with the HR Director, there has been interviews to hire four more individuals, specifically of diverse backgrounds (currently, there are only African American employees). However, this is not where the organization wanted to draw attention, so I was asked to leave those specifics out of my report.
Needs Assessment Form
1. Name and location of organization:
1. Center of Development, Inc. — Richmond, Virginia
1. Describe the targeted area of improvement- Include any relevant statistics as well as geographic and demographic information about the community. Where applicable, cite your resources.
1. At the Center of Development, Inc., I identified the organization’s performance was down. After meeting with the Owner/HR Manager of the organization, we agreed that I would ONLY focus on areas of improvement within the organization. The metrics I asked for were the turnover percentage in the past 5 years. The reported rate is currently 32%.
1. What groups, persons, or organizations were consulted and/or survey for the assessment?
1. HR Strategic Manager, Community Outreach Liaison, Adult Recreation Program Manager
1. What needs were identified?
1. The first need that was identified, was the method of training for new hires. There was no visible training plan in place. New hires would come in and shadow the manager or another employee for their first day, then they were left to figure things out for themselves.
1. Another area of improvement was needed in the organizational structure. After observing the organization for the past few weeks, I noticed that the owner wore ‘many hats’-so many, that she was unable to monitor the production of the organization. She admitted to me that the organization was undergoing a change in its structure and that she was interviewing for new positions such as a Chief Financial Officer, which would take the pressure off of the owner/HR Manager.
1. What methods were employed to survey the organization to collect and evaluate its feedback?
1. I suggested an Onboarding Checklist that would help train new hires, that required signatures from different departments. This would ensure that the new hire would be familiar with each department and know how to conduct business in the absence of other employees. I suggested having the current employees work in a team structure. They would be able to rotate monthly so that everyone would be well-rounded in how to complete the mission of the organization.
1. Another method I suggested was to have everyone I interviewed; identify the gaps they saw in the organization. Each person’s response was different-which showed me that there’s plenty of work to be done.
1. What is already being done to respond to the need(s)?
1. In the past week, I’ve noticed that there is now a plan for training sessions to take place weekly. Without a CFO, who normally allots a training budget, the owner wasn’t able to commit to weekly training for sure but did inform me that they would try to train at least once a month.
1. What resources are available locally to help meet the needs(s)?
1. Currently the only resources available locally are from small business grants and donors.
Hatten, T. S. (2018). Small business management: Creating a sustainable competitive advantage. SAGE Publications.

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