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Advocate for Policy Change

In this assignment, you will advocate for policy changes for a health care issue that impacts population health. This can be on a local, national, or global level. The issue can be the topic you identified in the Module 1 Discussion, or it can be something entirely different. The best topics are issues you feel passionate about.
For example, on the macro level, you may feel strongly that improving access to HIV medications in developing countries would improve the overall health of the population. 
Your audience will determine where you should send your letter to the editor. If you are considering a national or global health issue, The New York Times or the professional journal Health Affairs may be appropriate. If you are looking at a community organization, your local newspaper may be appropriate.
Assignment Instructions
As you create your Letter to the Editor, incorporate the following steps:

Identify your topic.
Research your topic, considering current legislation/policy.
Determine the publication to which you will send your letter.
Research submission guidelines for the publication.
In addition to submitting your letter here for grading, you are also asked to submit it to the publication that you chose

Assignment Resources for your Letter to the Editor
Submission Instructions

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