AHS6640 WILMU Wk7 African Americans Welfare Programs & Poverty Eradications

Introduction to Week 7 Final Project
This assignment is not due until Day 7, of Week 7
There are 3 parts to your Final Project. The expectation is that you work on a portion of your Final Project every week.
Project Proposal: Part 1
You are being asked to develop a proposal for a new project that could fill a gap in current human service delivery for one of the client populations and/or contemporary social issues discussed in the course. Your project should incorporate best practices that are grounded in current research and ethical standards.
Submit an 8- 10 page APA styled paper describing the proposed project using the format below.
In addition to a title page and a reference page, the paper must include the following sections:

Rationale for the project – Why is this project needed? What has current research revealed that made you determine that there is a need for your project? [This section should be written in the appropriate APA format. Citations and a reference list are required.]
Project Description – Describe how you plan to address the client population(s) and/or contemporary social issue(s). Include the following:

Goals and objectives for the project – What are the goals of your project; how will you achieve your goals?
Clients the project will serve – Who (specifically) is your target population?
Potential referral sources – How will you get your clients?
Format of the project – How will the project be structured?
What are the components of your project?
Project evaluation – How will you evaluate the effectiveness of your project?

Human services professionals and support staff needed – Why?
Credentials of professional and support staff needed – Why?
Facilities/equipment needed
Proposed budget needed to fund the project – [This section needs to include an itemized budget sheet.]

Any other money that you will need to effectively administer your project.

Final Project- Sample Budget

Attached Files:

sample-budget-format.jpg (108.014 KB)

Use this budget as a guide to create a budget that includes revenue and expenses. Please note, your budget will be for one year — not three.

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