All about Black Organized Crime.

Write 1 page with APA style on All about Black Organized Crime.
The impacts which are noticed in black organized crime are occupying a significant position in society. The loss which is faced by governments are Loss in legal business incomeLoss of tax policy incomeIncomeutilize in organized crime due to law Expenses for public harmsis the result of criminal activityThe Motorcycle Club is the criminal gang in America. The short from is A.O.A. The one percent of such gang also exists in New Zealand. They are a local gang. There is a specific criterion of this gang.
Men should have their own motorcycles and these should be American made and of specific size. European motorcycles are also used but that must be in chopper style. The difference between the two gangs is black organized crime are done on an international basis. Online websites are also used for this purpose. As in motorcycle one it is done on international basis. Organized crime needs perfect planning and target specific people. While in motorcycle, they target the people whenever they get a chance.

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Their similarity could be based on the fact that both these crimes are more evident in the case of American subculture and both root back to the era of Post World War II. Both these crimes became viral after WW II which make them similar to their origin base.
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