Analysis on climate change and agriculture.

Your assignment is to prepare and submit a paper on climate change and agriculture. First, the increase in carbon dioxide emission might have a direct influence on the growth and development of plants and weeds (Dando, 2012). Second, climate change due to the increase in carbon dioxide can interfere with rainfall patterns, temperature, and sunshine, which will have an impact on the productivity of crops. Climate change can also lead to a rise in sea level, which leads to the loss of farmland and erosion because of the increased frequency of flooding (Dando, 2012). These effects will be discussed in-depth with a specific concentration in the North America agriculture belt.
The increase in crop yield due to carbon dioxide increase varies with crops. The crop yield increase because carbon dioxide is attributed to photosynthesis and a reduction in the rate of water loss. According to research, a rise in carbon dioxide concentrations puts a limitation on the amount of water that a plant can lose via transpiration (Malcom, et al., 2012). The limit aids in reducing the water stress that has been worsened by the increase in average temperatures. The positive effect of transpiration is largely affected by the amount of soil moisture. As for the atmospheric carbon dioxide, the effect can only be felt in C4 plants that use the photosynthetic pathway to produce food. Therefore, the only major crops affected by an increase in the photosynthetic pathway are corn and sorghum. According to the U.S. Climate Change Science Program, the double increase in CO2 increased corn yield by 4% and sorghum by 0.8% (Malcom, et al., 2012). The other crops affected are cotton and soybean, which recorded an increase of 44% and 34-38% respectively (Malcom, et al., 2012). It is imperative that the effect of CO2 heavily relies on the impact of other atmospheric stressors like nitrogen.
The projected increase in temperatures will affect the agriculture belt by influencing crop maturity and survival rates (Bjerga, 2012). The impact relies on the way in which climate change will influence local temperature patterns and the temperature ranges that crops can endure in that particular region. Studies have shown that crops are highly sensitive to extremes in temperature during the extreme reproductive phase.

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