Analysis on the portrayal of women in the film titanic

I need some assistance with these assignment. the portrayal of women in the film titanic Thank you in advance for the help! Through the famous and captivating movie, The Titanic, audience worldwide is given an insight into the varying traits of women in North American societies. All these are achieved through various styles such as a third party narration and fiction. In an attempt to reveal the traits of women in society, The Titanic also features a general view of women in North American societies in terms of class, race, sexuality, and gender.
The movie Titanic portrays women as manipulative. This character is often evident when women try to achieve their self-interest by maintaining power and control over others. This character trait is evident in Titanic when Ruth, Rose’s mother, manipulates her daughter. She convinces her daughter to date Cal, a wealthy young man. Though Rose is hesitant and unwilling to date Cal, her mother forces her into the relationship (Cameron, 2012). Furthermore, a relationship with Cal would help her mother offset the huge debts her husband left. Ruth is willing to compromise her daughter`s happiness for financial benefit. This incidence also reveals the portrayal of women in this society as objects that can be used for one’s benefit. Additionally, the women in this society do not seem to have a voice, which they can use to stand against such injustices as being married off to someone they do not love just for materialistic gains.
Besides, Titanic brings out women as loving and caring. Thus, women are ready and willing to do anything for their loved ones. They offer unconditional love and are not ashamed to express or talk about their feelings openly. Additionally, women can go out of their comfort zone just for the sake of showing love and affection to their lovers. In the movie, Rose leaves the first-class crew for the third class in order to be with Jack the man she loved and cherished so much (Cameron, 2012). She also strips naked in order to impress Jack since she learned that he only draws photos of nude ladies. Moreover, Rose cares so much about Jack enough to jump out of the boat and return to the ship for Jack. From these&nbsp.examples, it is clear that women in this society think of themselves less than they do of men. The social norms of the society that renders women inferior have made them believe that they are not worth much as compared to men&nbsp.(Rotman, 2006).

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