analysis while answering the following question: NGO Strategy.

Provide a 8 pages analysis while answering the following question: NGO Strategy. Prepare this assignment according to the guidelines found in the APA Style Guide. An abstract is required. The paper also looks into the characteristics of the organisation strategies with respect to the different stakeholders including the public sector. Finally, the paper discusses the weaknesses of the strategy.
1.1 Overview of Company in Question -Dell Computers
At the dawn of the 21st century CSR began to gain world wide rapid importance and Dell Computers was amongst the first companies to add CSR into its business philosophy. Dell company was the second largest PC company in 2007 (Dell Company Review 2007). This was thanks to its inbuilt advantage of lower cost and highly efficient supply chain management technology (Dell Company Review 2007).

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Dell Company is the premier computer system provider worldwide with it highly customized products. However, today competitors are emulating Dell strategy through mass production and just in time production methods. According to the company 2007 annual report, the company currently employs more than 88000 people worldwide. As a multinational technological company, it activities are diverse. It currently sells personal computers, computers related products, servers. Data storage devices, network switches, soft wares and computers (Dell 2007 Company Review). No wonder, the Fortune 500 magazine ranked Dell Computers Corporation 8th on its annual list of most admired companies in the United States. The table below extracted from the company webpage provides a brief summary of its market structure.
Value in Billion of $
Market Capitalisation
Total Assets
Total equity
The next section discusses Dell strategy with respect to the public sector.
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