Analyze and evaluate Lewontin’s argument for his thesis that contemporary biolog

Analyze and evaluate Lewontin’s argument for his thesis that contemporary biology is one a dominant form of ideology. During the analysis stage of your paper, address the following questions: What does he mean by claiming that biology serves an ideological function in contemporary Western societies? What is that function, what role does it play in society, and why does he challenge and critique “biology as ideology”? What are the central arguments does he offer for the claim that biology serves such an ideological function? In the evaluative stage of your paper, construct an argument to defend your interpretation. If you disagree with him, be precise in offering plausible objections to his arguments, examples of alleged ideology in biology, and his overall slate of reasons for his thesis. If you agree with him, consider what you take to be important objections to his thesis and arguments/analyses. Then try to respond to those objections, thereby helping to support your agreement.

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