Analyzing American Life by Madonna.

Hello, I am looking for someone to write an article on Analyzing American Life by Madonna. It needs to be at least 1750 words. She then uses metaphors like she was digging into the isotopes, but metaphysics is like a dope. More precisely, she is comparing the American Dream with the American life, and according to her, the American Dream, doesn’t seem like a dream, in fact, it is very much real. Some people who heard this song, interpret it as a patriotic sentiment, however, some interpret it as a cold statement. Even before the song was released, there were rumors about it in the media, because of the soldier uniforms, which Madonna, and the other girls in this video ware. It was like a fashion show. however, the rumors were also about how she wanted to speak about the president and the war on Iraq.
Controversies arose, even when the song wasn’t even released. This time, the song became famous not because of nudity or sex, it became famous due to its political content. To defend her song, Madonna stated that she is lucky to be an American, because it gives her the right to express herself freely, in her work. She stated that she is not against the president, neither is she against the war in Iraq, she is simply in favor of peace. She wrote this song to show how she felt about the American culture, values, and illusions, which Americans believe to be the American dream, and is a perfect life.
At one point, Madonna even said that she would block the release of her music video because the public might misinterpret the meaning of it. However, the common interpretation of the song was that Madonna had attacked the culture of America, its politics, foreign policy, and the image of the American dream. In my opinion, the song represents all the elements of an American dream, which Madonna is living.

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