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This essay has to frame the 15-M protests within its own pertinent historical and economic period. In order to do so, you may want to structure the content of your paper in a way that you are able to answer all the questions related with this movement.
A) What was the 15-M and when and why did it take place? Many articles to go along with those two questions. At the same time, take into consideration the nature of the economic crisis of 2008.
B) What were the main claims? Was the 15-M a response against the Spanish government or did the 15-M have a wider target?
C) A very important topic related with the 15-M is the way in which they occupied public spaces, such as Pla├ža Catalunya or Plaza del Sol in Madrid. For this reason, it is important that you explain how did the Spanish citizens organize their assemblies as well as the role of media.
D) Was the 15-M just a Spanish movement? In other words, can you relate this movement with anything that took place in the US? This part should present a strong intercultural reflection.
Must include three bibliographical sources.
Must be ~1,500 words.

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