Answer the following question in a thesis-driven, expository essay of approximat

Answer the following question in a thesis-driven, expository essay of approximately 1,000 words. Make sure that youressay addresses the argument, provides supporting evidence (from within the book and from outside sources) andprovides relevant examples. Your essay should be fully documented (notations) and include a detailed process (editedrough copies, brainstorming, and bibliography).1. The Great Gatsby is nearly a century old yet still remains as relevant today as it did when it was published in1925. Many of its topics, circumstances and themes remain common and pertinent in the 21 st century. Whatspecific elements of current society does the book describe or explain?2. Is The Great Gatsby an autobiographical novel? Does the character of Jay Gatsby mirror the life andcircumstances of F. Scott Fitzgerald? Using evidence from the novel, and outside research on the life andwritings of Fitzgerald, determine whether the author was using the novel to explore the issues of his own life.3. Because Nick Carraway is a biased and unreliable narrator we only get his perspective. This is of particularrelevance when dealing with the “Great” Jay Gatsby himself. By his own admission, Nick states that there was“something gorgeous about him” and as a result, he viewed everything Gatsby did from the perspective of his“romantic readiness” and “infinite hope”. Was Gatsby, in fact, really the villain of this novel and not theromantic hero Nick wants us to see? If we sift through Carraway’s bias, is Jay Gatsby really that admirable acharacter?4. The Great Gatsby provides an interesting perspective on Friendship. Is the friendship that develops betweenNick and Jay sincere or purely one-sided. There’s no doubt that Nick finds something “gorgeous” about Jayand would do anything within his power to help him. After all he’s “worth the whole damn bunch puttogether”. What about Jay, though? Is he merely using Nick to get to Daisy. Is it a friendship of expediency?5. There is a deep-seated sense of Misogyny in The Great Gatsby. All of the female characters are portrayed aseither two-dimensional, self-centred or immoral. Is this misogyny a plot device, a product of Fitzgerald’s ownbias or a product of the times in which it was written?This is an expository essay. Create a thesis or argument and state that clearly in your introduction. Pick only one sideand work to prove that using evidence from both the novel and outside sources. In order to answer this question,outside research will be essential. Be sure to credit all sources and quote them directly when applicable.

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