Assignment 1: Diagram a motor skill using the above information processing model.

This diagram was
Adapted from………… Atkinson, R.C.; Shiffrin, R.M. (1968). “Chapter: Human memory: A proposed system and its control processes”. In Spence, K.W.; Spence, J.T. The psychology of learning and motivation. 2. New York: Academic Press. pp. 89–195.
Assignment 1: Diagram a motor skill using the above information processing model.
· Choose and describe a hypothetical athlete/individual and a motor skill you would like to teach
· Explain whether this skill is closed vs open, discrete, serial, or continuous
· Explain the individual’s ability and all situational/environmental issues
· Explain issues of anticipation and possible arousal associated with learning and performing the skill
· Find and summarize one peer-reviewed journal article (one-page review + APA reference) that supports your choice of a skill, teaching method, concern, need from an information processing related position. This article is in addition to the required 6 articles for your reference list. You must identify this article in your paper as your summarized peer-reviewed article.
· Remember, additional APA in-text documentation and references are required to support your analysis (review rubric)
Now the Diagram……………….Create a detailed outline of your skill with the following headings and explanations:
Identify all key information that typically confronts the learner. This will include both, important teaching information, and also possible irrelevant personal and environmental information.
Sensory Register:
Explain what information is attended to (registered), why?
Selective Filter:
Explain what information from the display is retained and what information is not attended to.
Explain what information remains in attention and memory and why.
Short-term memory:
Explain how you will help the athlete move the key information into short-term memory and analyze, interpret, integrate, create a schema for future selection.
Choice Delay:
· What is meant by choice delay, why it happens, and why this issue is important?
· Response execution of long-term memory: Explain this process, how it happens, how it is improved, why it might not happen consistently.
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