Bioethic questions about the history of ethics in biology

What is “substantial equivalence” and what does it have to do with what grows in Kansas but not in Provence?
Who was Leo Alexander, and why was he concerned about “rational utility”
Who was Carrie Buck, and what does she have to do with the ethics of genetic selection?
Why are there “left over” embryos in the United States, and what consequence has this had for debates over human embryonic stem cell research?
What was the “normals” program, and what, if anything, was (ethically) problematic about it?

Out of the five questions, you can pick the two that you think you can answer the best.Each question must be answered with about 100-200 words each. No need for MLA or APA just simply answer two question. Please, use the link for information about the question you pick. There can be no outside resources.Here is a link to all of the material needed to answer the two questions:…

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