BUSI 830 Week 5 (5.1) Discussion Thread: Solutions in the Explanatory Case Study

BUSI 830 Week 5 (5.1) Discussion Thread: Solutions in the Explanatory Case Study
The purpose of an explanatory case study is to understand a contemporary phenomenon within a specified context using multiple sources in a predominately qualitative manner to explain the “how” and “why” of the phenomena. For this discussion, the explanatory case study is how the cultural influences of a project manager in the developmental years of life affect the risk strategy applied to an active project. The study focuses on the economic disparities during the developmental years of the project managers to develop theoretical propositions to explain why some project managers are more risk-averse than others. The student will discuss what tools or methods could supply a framework for the researcher to develop the protocol for the observations of the project managers to find traits. Then articulate an LSS tool the researcher could use to improve the observations of the project managers by looking for other factors which may influence decision concerning risk and then subsequently how economic disparity has or has not directly influenced risk aversion in a project manager.
Requirements for every Discussion Post
You will provide a Reply to at least one of your classmates. The instructor will provide a single assessment of your discussion posts each module – see rubric.
Minimum of 300 words in the body
Minimum of 2 sources from the literature in addition to course texts
Use the following outline:
Consultant’s Assessment/Recommendations
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