BUSI 885 Week 3 Research Concept Guide: Task 3 – Methodology

BUSI 885 Week 3 Research Concept Guide: Task 3 – Methodology
BUSI 885 Task 3
Task 3: Methodology
This is a narrative assignment rather than a bullet point outline. You will post your submission as a word document.
Your submission will include the following:
Outline for this assignment:
 Introductory paragraph – For this methodology paper, including the specific problem sentence.
ï‚· Discussion of Research Paradigm
ï‚· Discussion of Methodology
 Summary – For this methodology paper
ï‚· Reference Section
Discussion of Research Paradigm:
Begin with a theme sentence: “My research paradigm is XXX” Then discuss your research paradigm and how this is likely to guide your study.
Discussion of Methodology:
Begin with a theme sentence: “This study will be conducted with a XXXXX design using XXXXX method(s) specifically, a XXXXX design will be used”. Then discuss why this is the appropriate methodology for your study.
Provide multiple citations from multiple authors to support factual assertions about the function of the design and research paradigm. Reference your problem statement and research questions in demonstrating why this is the correct methodology and how it fits with your research paradigm.
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