Business Development Plan for Debenhams.

Complete 6 pages APA formatted article: Business Development Plan for Debenhams. All the departmental manager in the branch will report directly to him and he will be assisted by a secretary. Followings are a description of two jobs from each department respectively.
Finance Manager
He/She takes care of all financial issues. His department will collect money from the cashiers and put them into a bank. Besides, they will have to document all the financial transaction including prepare the costing, balance sheet and estimate the profit and loss of the business.

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Costing Executive
He/She will do the calculation of the costing of the operation of the whole business. Her work coordinates all aspect related to cost example the electricity and water usage, manpower usage, compensation to customer, cost of goods and etc.
Human Resource Manager
He/She is in-charged of human energy. The main role is to do workforce planning, recruit and select suitable employee and to provide training and motivate them.
Payroll Assistant
He/She calculates the salary of all employees, checking attendance and performance of the people in the organization. The work is very confidential in the company.
Logistic and Warehouse Manager
He/She will be responsible for the goods lodging and receiving, taking care of the warehouse and inventory in the branch.
General Workers
He/She will help to load or unload goods, help to arrange them in a warehouse and deliver it to departments that need the goods.
Sales and Marketing Manager
He/She is managing the sales in the branch. He needs to achieve the sales target preset by the group marketing manager, help to organize events and promotions to increase sales.
He/She collects money from the customer for purchasing goods.
Comparison of Debenhams Plc’s organizational chart and a grocery shop.
In comparison to Debenhams Plc, a grocery has a very simple organizational chart. The leader in the chart is the owner himself. He will be assisted by one or two general workers. The owner will be the HR, finance, marketing and cashier himself. His workers will help him to load and unload goods. Occasionally they can be the salesman and cashier.
Differences in communication methods used in each business
For Debenhams Plc, it acquires the pyramid style. The decision-making process flows through the formal channel from managers to staff. An important decision will need to be referred to as an upper layer of management. Meantime, in the grocery shop, the communication is of entrepreneur style. This method usually occurs in small businesses where the decision could be made in a short time. There is usually one or two decision maker, which is the owner of the business. The decision might be quick but centralizes pressure on the decision maker.&nbsp.Debenhams Plc is bound to the employment act. The act states the minimum wages and maximum working hours for the employee. Besides, the act too encompass other benefits or protection to the employee and employer such as the termination of work, working overtime, holidays and leaves, insurance, income tax, right to privacy, off-work activities, OSHA, trade union and so forth issues related to the employer and employee relationship.
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