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Individual Final project for the online class
Subject of study: project consists of developing a SWOT (Strengths, Weaknesses,
Opportunities, and Threats) Analysis. The study will focus on Opportunities and Threats that
companies face when operating or preparing to operate in a foreign country.
Selection of country: each student will select a country and develop a SWOT analysis. You can choose any country in the world except United States, Canada or Mexico. If you chose United States, Canada or Mexico, you will get an automatic zero.
Paper format: homework must be edited using double-space, times new roman 12; one inch margins; aheader containing student’s full name, course name and date of submission; and a footer with the
page number.
Paper length:200-250 words for Strengths, 200-250 words for Weaknesses, 300-350 words for
Opportunities, and 300-350 words for Threats. Each section (S, W, O, T) should be thoroughly
discussed, explained and defended.
Delivery of the project: delivery by uploading a Microsoft word file on the desire-to-learn system by the due.
Reference: The student should provide in-text citation and a reference section using the APA format.
Late submission: will not be accepted unless approved in advance by the instructor. Students
must have a written pre-agreement with the instructor by email.

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