CASE STUDY ANALYSIS ASSIGNMENT INSTRUCTIONSOVERVIEWA case study is a great way to analyze a scenario that shows the issues that can be found in a specific cross-cultural encounter, discuss the multiple rationales that inform the actions of the different parties, and think through possible solutions. You will write a 2-page analysis of the “What about our families?” Case Study using the course textbooks and the Bible as your sources.INSTRUCTIONSThe analysis should include the following 3 sections:1. Issues: Describe the main issues in the case study.2. Rationales: Discuss the rationale (beliefs, values, and practices) that informs the actions of each party involved in the conflict. Use at least 2 citations from the course textbooks and the Bible to support your assertions about the elements that may impact the differentrationales.3. Solution: Present one possible solution to an issue presented in the case study and support the solution using at least 1 citation from the Bible or the course textbooks.The assignment should be written as a formal paper and should include the following elements: Length of Assignment: 2 pages of contento In addition to the 2 pages, the paper should include a title page and bibliography. Format of Assignment: Current Turabian formatting is required. Number of Citations: A minimum of 3 citations from the Bible and the course textbooks are required. Acceptable Sources: course textbooks and the Bible; additional sources are not required for this assignment.*Note: Your assignment will be checked for originality via the Turnitin plagiarism tool.

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