: Chapman Brothers and Robert Gober.

Provide a 1 page analysis while answering the following question: Chapman Brothers and Robert Gober. Prepare this assignment according to the guidelines found in the APA Style Guide. An abstract is required. CHAPMAN BROTHERS AND ROBERT GOBER In this essay, I shall analyze the artwork of two artists. The first artist is Robert Gober and the artwork being analyzed is called “Newspapers.” This is a sculpture made up of fake newspapers. The stack of paper is stored away in a corner as if waiting to be recycled. His hand-crafted sculpture replicates everyday objects with peculiar precision. His artwork mainly explores issues of sexual and cultural identity. In this sculpture, Gober uses a unique method he developed that involves printmaking by designing several editions of photolithographs that appear to be newspaper pages. To make the sculpture Gober inserted his own created pictures into layouts based on different newspapers. The photograph is of a bride with a story about the Vatican discriminating against homosexuals. The main message of this artwork is the right of homosexuals to get married.
The next artist I am going to analyze are the Chapman Brothers. Chapman Brothers consist of two Brothers. Jake Chapman and Dinos Chapman who work in collaboration. Their artwork I shall analyze is “Death.” This is a controversial piece of work looks like blow-up sex dolls positioned in a very compromising manner. In truth, the sculptures are made of bronze and painted to appear as though they are made of plastic. The Chapman Brothers use the theme of anatomical and pornographic grotesque with a sequence of dummies, joined together, with reproductive organs in place of facial attributes. The Chapman Brothers work is normally interpreted to be extremely offensive, but they normally have a message behind it. The message of how Nazis killed and mutilated each other during the Second World War is the message passed across.
Work Cited

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