Chapter 24 HOW WOULD YOU VOTE? Should ocean bottom trawling, a fishing method th

Chapter 24 HOW WOULD YOU VOTE? Should ocean bottom trawling, a fishing method that destroys the habitats of invertebrates and other bottom dwellers, be banned? Bottom trawling is a particularly destructive industrial fishing method, in which weighted coneshaped nets are dragged across the ocean bottom, scooping up or crushing everything in their path and destroying benthic (bottom) ecosystems. The factory ships that bottom-trawl the continental slopes can stay out a year or more. However, the bottom-trawling industry is only one contributor to the overfishing that is collapsing marine fisheries worldwide. Millions of families would have no livelihood without fishing. Should bottom trawling be banned, especially when other fishing methods may be equally destructive? Chapter 13: HOW WOULD YOU VOTE? Are fraternal twins who have inherited different skin color alleles of different races? What are the strongest arguments for considering fraternal twins with different skin colors as belonging to different races? Does genetics really matter in how people perceive race? What meanings do you attach to the idea of “race”? How do you think public categorizations and assumptions about “race” might affect the personal identities of twins such as Kian and Remee? (last slide of lecture 12) Chapter 14: HOW WOULD YOU VOTE? Should the results of genetic tests be protected under privacy law? Diagnostic tests that can detect mutations in genes associated with various diseases and medical conditions are proliferating rapidly. Because environmental factors can influence the development and progression of many conditions, people with a positive result might be able to make informed life-style choices that could prevent or mitigate the disorder. However, insurance companies and employers might also use genetic testing information to deny benefits or employment to individuals at high risk for developing various diseases. Do you support the regulation of these diagnostic tests to protect individual privacy?

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