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Provide a 5 pages analysis while answering the following question: Charles Darwins Evolution Theory. Prepare this assignment according to the guidelines found in the APA Style Guide. An abstract is required. The approach with which Darwin digs up information supported by tangible evidence stands undisputed and only attracts keen interest to study further, having this antiquity as the foundation on which to build more knowledge.
According to Charles Darwin, several factors influenced the existence and survival of certain species of organisms. For an organism to have grown and attained the maturity to reproduce, several environmental and genetic factors play an essential role in elaborating on how certain species of organisms survived up to date. In contrast, others got extinct Darwin presented some stages that determined a living organism (Pagel, 2009). An organism was to appropriately fit into these stages to reach maturity and reproduce and survive in the stiff ecological competition and changes. All species have unique traits encoded in their genetic make-up. The population must reproduce in greater numbers in each generation to survive and reproduce. The individuals who survive in the population possess certain advantageous traits over others, then after successfully passing through the first three stages, the organism in the population. It is the combination of these factors that animals can change with time due to heritable behavioral and physical characterizes.
Natural selection greatly determines how certain species significantly change in color, size, and survival traits through several generations. Genetic variation is responsible for various physiological and outward characterizes of organisms (Fay & Wittkopp, 2008). For instance, an organism’s size and color are determined by the gene coding that is already prewired before birth. Due to genetic differences, there existed brown and green battles. This color difference plays a significant role in determining these beetles’ survival, depending on their immediate environment. In this case, the color difference in beetle species is a heritable variation.

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