children with special educational needs.

Compose a 1250 words assignment on children with special educational needs. Needs to be plagiarism free! Some educators are unable to identify children with special needs which can be an alarming situation for society. The effects of this negligence can be seen shortly as these kinds of children feel underprivileged, and their survival in society is quite difficult. Now there are several organizations around the globe which are laying impact on this problem and helping out students in an enormous amount. The pleasant scenario in this overall context is that effective solutions have been introduced, which can eliminate learning disabilities and special needs in children. This topic is of immense importance as a healthy and strong soul will give a better tomorrow to the world (Wong, 2011).
Special Education
Defining the terminology of special education is vital as there are arguments between individuals regarding its true meaning. The type of education which addresses needs and differences in a student with systematic strategic planning, standardize teaching process and learning mechanism. There are wide-ranging special needs in a student which include a behavioural and emotional disorder, challenges in communication, development disorders and physical disabilities. Students facing these kinds of the problem need attention, affection and love. Instead of dealing them with strictness, they should be given consideration and should be encouraged to overcome these problems (Slavin & Davis, 2006).

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(Job & Klassen, 2012) Rectification of these problems is now made possible with certain essential steps. The methods applied are a new mechanism of teaching, resource room, usage of technological advancements and modification in traditional teaching styles. Many developed countries of the world have now applied this method of teaching for special students. Teachers and educators are smart enough to identify these students, and then they are given sheer importance, consideration and respect among the other children. The therapy sessions of these students are giving tremendous results which not only the present magnificent position of students in academia but also these children are more active in extracurricular activities too.
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