Choose a local or home area (campus, city, county, non-profit or business organi

Choose a local or home area (campus, city, county, non-profit or business organization, etc..) and write a proposal to either start a program or policy to help solve a problem related to an element of climate change and achieving climate or environmental justice; include who you would send your proposal to; scope of the project you are proposing; project costs (optional, if available) and timeline estimates; include at least 2 sources. Analyze how your project is linked to an element of climate change or environmental justice and discuss its potential effects and barriers to accomplishing. . APA format.:Examples of topics:Our campus:See Sustainability Office for what we are currently doing:SustainabilitySustainabilitySee Colorado State example:Partnership to increase solar energy generated on CSU campusesA recently signed partnership with Namasté Solar and Solaris Energy will bring CSU closer to its goal of 100% renewable electricity by 2030.SOURCE& Stanislaus:Solar power project in the works for CSU Stanislaus campusCalifornia State University, Stanislaus hopes to be generating solar power on its campus within two years as part of a statewide project announced on Tuesday. CSU Stanislaus is one of 16 California State University campuses scheduled to have solar-generating equipment installed that will deliver zero-emission 8 megawatt (MW) renewable energy.California State University StanislausDevelop better food and housing resources for studentsSee Project Hope as example:Pioneers for H.O.P.E.Create an organic farm on campusSee Chico State example:Organic Vegetable Project – College of Agriculture – CSU, ChicoLocal government:Create more sustainability education programsCreate urban farmsPromote public transportation, make transportation more affordableCreate more low income housingOrganizations:Make environmental organizations anti-racist, more inclusive.See Sierra Club, and others for examples.Corporations: Have a sustainability officer responsible for sustainability programsSources for this paper may include web resources, reports, and organization websites if appropriate; peer reviewd articles are optional.You may include information from at least one of the following sources:Some sources to consider to get ideas for the third assignment are: UN indicators:,Then Lancet Countdown ( or theSafeguarding California Plan: 2018 Update ( orThe Fourth National Climate Assessment Report,orthe Impacts of Climate Change on Human Health Report from the UN,(the indicator is matched with a goal which incorporates climate neutrality.)

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