Choose one of the following countries undergoing some form of crisis: (1) Afghan

Choose one of the following countries undergoing some form of crisis: (1) Afghanistan; (2) Myanmar; (3) Ethiopia; (4) Yemen; (5) Haiti; (6) South Sudan; (7) Venezuela; or (8) Ukraine. Is it in the US national interest to intervene in some way (or more actively so) in the country you selected? If so, why? Be as specific as possible to describe and justify the type of intervention you recommend. If not, why not?hen citing sources, use in-text citations or footnotes as appropriate, aiming to follow APSA citation style. (For ASPA citation style, consult your TAs or a recent edition of the American Political Science Review, or the guidelines on the course website) Your bibliography should also follow APSA guidelines.Sources: You are expected to draw from course materials as appropriate, including readings on the syllabus as well as notes from lectures and discussions (which may be cited by date). You are also expected to research your question independently. In addition to drawing from course material, such as required readings and/or lectures, you should consult at least four outside sources that do not appear as “required readings” on the syllabus. Two should be newspaper or news magazine articles (e.g., Reuters, Economist, NYT) and two should be scholarly/academic sources.[1] This requirement is intended to help you exercise and improve your independent research capabilities.

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