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Answer the following questions related to Maryland PE
(CEGR 106)
What is the fee for applying for the and Fe and PE exams?
Where can I obtain application forms for licensure?
What are the requirements to take the Fundamentals of Engineering Exam (FE)?
Can I take the FE exam before I graduate?
Where can I obtain study materials for the exams?
Can I apply for the Principles and Practice of Engineering Exam without taking the FE exam?
How do I apply for the PE exam?
What are the requirements for the PE exam if I have a Non-EAC-ABET Engineering degree?
Where can I obtain application forms for licensure?
I passed by EIT in another state. Do I have to have my certificate transferred to MD?
When will I receive my admission notification and scores?
Can I take the exam in another state for PE in Maryland?
Note: you may need to search some information regarding MD PE in addition to the class note.

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