I would like to choose The Marketplace
Part 1:
Choose one work of art from the following six options.

The Giving of the Keys to St. Peter (1481)
Honfleur: Calvary (1830)
Henry Frederic (1594-1612), Prince of Wales, with Sir John Harington (1592-1614) in the Hunting Field (1603)
The Marketplace, Vitebsk (1917)
St Peters Basilica of Rome (1754)
The interior of the Parthenon Rome (1734)

After choosing one work, clearly identify which work of art you chose at the top of your assignment. Then, write two clear sentences detailing the piece’s use of each of the following elements of art:


Please use the detailed vocabulary described in the learning activity section of this module. For example, with color, I want to know if the colors in the painting are analogous, tertiary, primary, etc. Also, be sure to use proper grammar, punctuation, and spelling.
Part 2:
Provide a brief description of how these elements influence one another in this work. For example, consider how line, shape and depth are related in the work. (Review ‘how do different elements of art work together’ from your learning activities for ideas). Explain fully. Also, be sure to use proper grammar, punctuation, and spelling.The post clearly-identify-work-of-art first appeared on Term Paper Tutors.

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