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Cloud Technology in Healthcare

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a) Impact on healthcare and nursing     -Impact on professional nursing practice.     -Patient safety impact (including statistical justification)     -Impact on patient care delivery, quality care measures/monitoring, and risk management (privacy, confidentiality, and security) as applicable.      * Ethical & legal considerations.       * Infrastructure/operational consequences (e.g., budget, costs, etc.)       * Impact on a population and/or geographic region       * Provide examples & statically significant data to support examples

Thesis Statement

Jacob Nelson

Professor Lakshmanan

ENG 215

January 15, 2017

Should minors who commit violent crimes be tried as adults

The justice
departmet gave an estimation of 10% of the total cases of homicides being
committed by young adults. According to the office of juvenile and delinquency
department, the number of juvenile murders has steadily increased by
approximately 30%  since 2003 (Grissoh,
2013). Additionally, there has been a disturbing trend in the increase of
violent crimes with juveniles being more engaged in the serious and dangerous
behavior. Therefore, in these instances, justice can only be achieved, if adult
punishment is carried out, in adult courts (Kruh, 2013)

Should taxes on alcohol and tobacco be increased to help pay
for rising medical costs

Based on
a 2013 world health organization report, on financing universal coverage and
health system, the number of reported cases of chronic diseases has increased
which has immensely contributed to the steady rise in healthcare costs and
economic downturn due to the need of expensive and new forms of treatment
(Manning, 2014). These healthcare costs has subjected tens of millions of
people to poverty, therefore, the government should look on diversifying the
sources of funds for medical costs and at the same time reduce these costs by
raising taxes on alcohol and tobacco (McGinnis, 2012)

Should regulations regarding the use of cell phones while
driving be standardized

research has established that out of every 20 reported accidents, one involves
a driver talking on their cell phone. However, many people have disputed this
proposal claiming that it would interfere with their freedom (Strayer, 2014).
Legislative acts which ban the use of cell phones defer greatly in different
states. Moreover, there is no state which has completely banned the use of cell
phones for drivers despite the rising number of accidents that have recently
been reported due to the use of cellular phones. Therefore, legislation actions
which enable standardization of regulations of cell phone use would greatly reduce
the number of accidents by limiting the use of cellular phones for drivers
(Banchi, 2015)


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Psychological predictors of problem mob

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