Cognitive Behavioral Interventions/Social Skills/ Collaboration.

Need help with my writing homework on Cognitive Behavioral Interventions/Social Skills/ Collaboration. Write a 1250 word paper answering; Various theories have been articulated and researches have been conducted in order to make estimation whether or not the cognitive development observed by the children witnesses normalcy or undergoes any deficiency or abnormality. Hence, assuring the normal mental growth and therapeutic treatment for the abnormality in the same is the most important issue for the psychologists. Cognitive behaviour interventions/therapy, according to Beck et al., serves as an active, directive, time-limited, structured approach, based on the underlying theoretical rationale that an individual’s affect and behaviour are largely determined by the way in which he structures the world (Kendall, 2000). Thus, cognitive behavioural interventions (CBI) turn out to be supportive for the treatment of the children and adolescents undergoing emotionally deficient behaviour. Theoretical model on cognitive development, established for the assessment and treatment of cognitive growth emphasizes upon the following:
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