In January, while getting ready to conduct an interview with a national radio talk show host — I was asked to come on the show without any advance warning. I had 3 minutes to prepare.
Play the link 1-25-19 Pushing The Odds w/ Matt Perrault Hour 3 and answer the following in complete sentences:
Where was the interview conducted (city, venue)? (You can find this between 0:00-1:00)
(After listening to the first minute, fast forward to 33:40)
What did you hear the talk show host ask me?
Was it professional to say this live on air?
How would you have prepared if you had 3 minutes of notice for a 7 minute interview?
Constructively criticize my interview/speech — what were some things that you noticed that could have been improved on?
What did I do well?
Was there a flow to my answers?
Is there a difference from the interview to my diction, accent in class?
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