Comparison of The British Womens Suffrage Campaign by Harold Smith and The Grounding of Modern Feminism by Nancy Cott.

Write 13 pages with APA style on Comparison of The British Womens Suffrage Campaign by Harold Smith and The Grounding of Modern Feminism by Nancy Cott. As the title highlights, Smith focused on the suffrage campaign in Britain, which occurred in the years 1866 to 1928. In addition, Nancy Cott authored a book titled, The Grounding of Modern Feminism, in her effort to present a historical overview of modern feminism.&nbsp.
Smith’s book is an intriguing analysis of the events that surrounded the women’s suffrage campaigns. In the 19th century, women in Britain were not allowed to vote. The suffrage campaign was established to demand the voting rights of women. During that time, it had been assumed that men in the franchise covered women. The main reason for this was that the law did not allow women to own property. Therefore, women sought to have voting rights as well as property ownership rights. Smith highlights that women needed to have property ownership rights before they could be granted a right to vote. According to his book, the suffrage campaign cannot be viewed independently from other issues affecting women. This is because women sought their right to vote so that they could exercise their political power in an effort to establish new gender structures. Therefore, Smith opined that it was difficult to understand the suffrage campaign without the consideration of contemporary gender identities and roles. Having a prior understanding of the gender structure that existed before the suffrage campaign helps to lay a foundation for analyzing its purpose1. Smith was keen to highlight some of the findings highlighted by previous authors concerning the social and gender structures that existed in Britain before the campaign. These historians had identified that the Victorian societal structure had encouraged women to view themselves in a sense that was not reflective of their class and party. In addition, Smith argues that different women who participated in the suffrage campaign viewed issues related to equality differently. However, they all agreed on the fact that they needed the franchise.
Smith explores different factors that influenced the suffrage campaign and highlight how they served to shape the women’s movement.

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