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Provide a 5 pages analysis while answering the following question: Copyright Infringement. Prepare this assignment according to the guidelines found in the APA Style Guide. An abstract is required. The law gives owners of intellectual property exclusive rights to produce, sell, perform, and make subsequent copies of intellectual property. Business Software Alliance names various types of piracy. The major forms include hard disk loading, using non-commercial software for commercial use, infringement of compact discs, counterfeiting, soft lifting, and internet infringement (Limayem et al 2004).
People argue that using commercial software for non-commercial purposes is ethically correct. This is justified ethically, morally, and economically (Gupta, 2004). Under US law one can own four components of software namely, the algorithm, the object code, the source code and user interface yet these are part of copyright. People who support software privacy often quote John Locke who implied that a man could have all he desired as long as he left enough for others. If one pours a beverage in the ocean, he cannot be said to own the whole ocean by his action. Therefore, the mere act of someone using his labor doesn’t mean he should own it (Depken II et al, 2004). To do so would leave nothing for others to use.
The US court system has seriously defended intellectual property and copyright. In Galoob vs. Nintendo and Sega vs. Accolade, the court upheld the four parts of software packages earlier mentioned and software piracy was out-ruled. However in the 1984 case of Sony Betamax, the supremacy of copyright was overthrown (Lardner, 1987). Sony was accused by Walt Disney and other Hollywood movie production firms for trying to sell the first VCR ever to be produced (Lardner, 1987). The court ruled in favor of Sony and allowed them (machines) to be put on sale. The reasons sighted were that&nbsp.non-commercial copying is just and by allowing the videos to be aired on televisions, movie productions knew that the viewers would freely get the videos.

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