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Part 1
Understanding the various diverse populations is important in the healthcare industry. Diversity may include age, gender, race, ethnicity, religion, and cultural values. This project will enhance your knowledge and understanding of a specific diverse population. This week you will submit the introductory paragraph of your paper, containing your chosen diverse population. (I chose to do about hispanic race ethnicity)

Part 2
This week you will submit your final course project. Your final submission should include the following:
Your final paper must be 3-4 pages in length. Use proper APA and formatting and include a title page. The title page is in addition to the page requirement. Include both in text citations and a references page in APA format. Be sure to check for grammatical errors. The contents of your paper should include:

A detailed explanation of the population chosen.
The communication barriers that were presented in the case study.
Resources and or policies that were utilized to assist in eliminating or reducing the barriers.
Resources or services that could assist but were not utilized in the case study.
Final outcome of patient experience and customer service provided.

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