Create 2 DREK models of Luxury Maisons Objectives: – Be able to have a global ap

Create 2 DREK models of Luxury MaisonsObjectives:– Be able to have a global approach– Well balance and understand Pro and Cons of a Maison– Use the same model defined today– Challenges : Being pragmatic and objectives, develop + and – at the same levelFormat ppt / pdf / word–The perfect brief:One of a Maison (in your DREK) is launching a new product or service.For this new product or offer please specify 1 or 2 target.You are in charge of a marketing and communication campaign and write a brief to an agency for 1 country/market.Your budget is USD 250,000.Objectives:-Be able to give a perfect brief to an agency-Define a strategy in communication-Write a document (ppt/doc/pdf) : Introduction, objectives, direction, target …

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