Assignment : Provide Advice for Marketing Managers in your Industry-
Course Name: Marketing Management.
You will be graduating soon and will be moving into business leadership roles. In this assignment, you will be preparing to become a business leader capable of developing and sharing your expertise.
To earn full credit on this assignment, you will need to include the following:
1) Find 5-6 reputable articles that are less than 3-years-old which focus on Marketing in your Industry related to the topics below.
2) Develop a PowerPoint presentation about your expertise. (Must have between 6-10 pictures or graphics)
Slide 1: Marketing Management Topics in (“Insert Your Industry”) by (“Insert Your Name”)
Slide 2: Description of your future career plans. ( I am a business Finance major , Future career plan is to work at banks in the middle east counties )
Slide 3: Industry Trends in Consumer Behavior (Must have data and evidence and sources)
Slide 4: Changes in Product and Service Offerings (Must have data and evidence and sources)
Slide 5: New Marketing Communications Tactics (Must have data and evidence and sources)
Slide 6: Recommendations for Industry Leaders (Must have data and evidence and sources)
Slide 7: Works Cited (Must have 3-5 reputable articles that are less than 3-years-old)
You may have more than 7 slides. However, the 7 slides above are required.
3) Create a Screencast video of your presentation. ( Do not do it )Links to an external site. (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site.
4) Attach your PowerPoint to this discussion. ( Do not do it )
5) Add your Screencast video URL to this discussion. ( Do not do it )
6) Explain the big ideas you learned from the experience.
7) Offer advice to 5 classmates for how to improve materials. (After a student has 10 comments move on to the next students’ posts) ( see the below students’s posts of their links ( see them please to have an Idea how the presentation looks like)) I will make the Screencast video latter with my voice URL to this discussion.
(If your advice is not well thought out and useful, you will not earn full-credit. All advice must be submitted by April 14)
8) Discuss plan for making improvements and sharing your video with your industry expert. ( Do not do it )
Discussion entries/ posts: below :
Please Offer advice to them as per instruction number 7 above. ( 2-3 Sentences for each)

Classmate name:Regan Matthews
YesterdayApr 9 at 5:23pm (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site.
From this experience, I learned that there are many different ways to market as an event planner. I became knowledgeable from the data provided from the articles about consumer trends and various ways that event services are offered. I plan to research more into this topic and then share this video with my Industry expert when it is finalized.


Classmate Name: Debra Valerio
YesterdayApr 9 at 7:53pm (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site.
I think perhaps the biggest thing that I have learned from this project is that everything starts as an idea and no idea is too big or too small. I started this project with the thought that I saw a need, but it really was too big for me to take on. After numerous interviews with those in the nonprofit industry, I see that maybe my initial idea was more than I wanted to undertake but there are several different directions I can go with just an idea. I have learned that you don’t need to start something new when there are already programs in place that can be expanded and cultivated and eventually meet the need. I have also learned that it is better to be overloaded with information going in. You can never have enough information! Something else I have learned is that the “market” is always changing. Priorities shift and people’s needs change, the key is to stay in tune with those changes and progress with them.
I have spoken with Leslie Petersen, she is the one I would like to share my video with. I would like her feedback and her input. I had informed her at our last interview that I would be sending the video to her towards the end of the month. I look forward to seeing what she thinks.


Classmate name: Shaun Garner
YesterdayApr 9 at 8:48pm (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site.
From doing this research I learned that technology is playing a huge role in the offerings of firefighting, all the way from the training of firemen to faster, and safer firefighting logistics. As far as from a marketing standpoint, being visible and active in the community and fire safety education are the greatest forms of communication and service offerings for our consumer base.
I plan to e-mail a fellow firefighter that handles the fire departments marketing page the link and let him view my presentation and send me feedback. I will use this learning experience and feedback from classmates to make improvements to marketing research.

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