creating graphics for learning and performance.

Write a 7 pages paper on creating graphics for learning and performance. The two schemes divide the color wheel into two halves, which are the warm and cool color and the spectral scheme. Colors that are found in the middle of the color spectra are linked to greater acuity. Warm colors are used to make an element even more noticeable.
The color chosen should be able to exhibit a hierarchy of importance. Color can be used to suggest a form of ranking. Color can be used to create layers of information resulting in the creation of a hierarchy. The dark to sequence or the dull to bright sequence can be used to demonstrate the increased insignificance.
Colors that are used should enable the learner to view and the bigger picture. Colors can be combined to form a contribution to the learner seeing the bigger picture. The choice of colors can be dependent on the color wheel. It provides a scheme of colors that tend to work together. One can be able to work with fewer colors effectively. The choice of colors can be based on inspiration from art. Works of art can be inspirational. The choice of colors can be based on color palettes. The color palettes are found in templates. The color schemes used are artist-created. The schemes should be mastered to enable them to fully utilize them. The choice of colors may be based on psychological associations. Colors can evoke responses. The responses are emotional in nature. Colors can be used in accordance with the various colors that are associated with various human emotions.

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Briefly, one should choose colors that enable learners to identify important information easily and quickly by making such information stand out. The colors chosen should also bring out the main theme of whatever information is being displayed. The choice of color should be made with the aim of establishing order or hierarchy in the arrangement of information more so in the order of significance to the learner.
Psychology of color refers to the physical and emotional impact that colors have. The notion can also be based on the harmony that is assigned to each different color. The psychological aspects are based on different cultural preferences, gender, and age. For example, bright primary colors are preferred by children. Freshness relates to blue and green. Orange associates excitement. More white colors are considered light. Less white colors are considered heavy.
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