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Ever since the discovery of DNA in 1868, Friedrich Miescher’s scientific findings have revolutionized the action of working to reduce the incidence of crime. Because the impact of DNA is so powerful, the Federal Bureau of Investigations embraced its usefulness with the creation of a CODIS. CODIS is “a database that stores DNA profiles submitted by law enforcement and private laboratories and is used to identify criminal suspects.”

Collecting DNA is more than beneficial for law enforcement agencies. In fact just last year alone law enforcement agencies were able to solve 28 cold cases. The process they took started with uploading crime scene DNA to an online registery (,) then once they obtained a match, they let a genealogist create a family tree. This is concluded with strenuous research and ultimately leads them to suspects.
Imagine a few things. One; how many crimes have been solved already. Two; how many crimes that are going to be solved, and possibly prevented. Three; how much time was invested in the process. If we had every citizen’s DNA sample in a database, crime would be lowered and cold cases would be solved. Crimes would be less likely to be committed if people knew they had a 100% chance of getting caught. By having samples of everyone in a database, they will in return be a catalyst for the DNA tracking process that law enforcement goes through. Not to mention that if the only citizens that were being tested are US citizens, this would make tracking terrorist easier because now they would have to consider our new DNA database.
End note: I love the sound of anything that involves everyone. Scripture says in Philippians 2:2, that we are to “fulfill my joy by being like-minded, having the same love, being of one accord, of one mind.
Criminal Investigation, Chapter 1
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