current customer services and expectations of samsung.

Your assignment is to prepare and submit a paper on current customer services and expectations of samsung. The paper intends to discuss the present customer service as well as expectations within Samsung which have emerged from the delivery of superior products and services by the organization. Moreover, in the main findings section, various strategies which could be applied by Samsung to deliver consistent as well as effectual customer services within the competitive marketplace will also be evaluated. Apart from these strategies, this paper also provides certain recommendations which can be fruitful for the organization to sustain customer service excellence going forward. The significance of customer service may differ in terms of industry, a company’s products and services. The superior interpersonal communication system is quite essential in order to enhance customer services through which an organization can attain an excellent competitive advantage. In the present business scenario, customer service is considered as a significant consideration where every leading organization always attempts to meet the effective level of customer expectation (University of Cambridge, 2012. Newby & McManus, 2002. Richmond/ Wayne County, n.d.).
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