Rewrite the following function so that it can operate on arrays of any data type, not just integers. You may assume that all operations and comparisons are defined for all data types that we would pass into this function:

int cloneArrayReturnMax(int* arr1, int size1, int* arr2, int size2) {
int end = size1;
if (end > size2)
end = size2;
for (int i = 0; i < end; i++)
arr1[i] = arr2[i];
int max = arr1[size1 – 1];
for (int i = size1 – 2; i >= 0; i–)
if (max < arr1[i])
max = arr1[i];
return max; } The post data-structure-with-c-1 first appeared on Term Paper Tutors.

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