death and life of the great american school system

Write 5 pages thesis on the topic death and life of the great american school system. Some of these themes are. imagination, perceptivity, experience, engagement, risk-taking, active sensory, and connections. All these are themes to bring in engaged learning in the education. In addition to this, they provide learning experiences that increase the understanding of knowledge, remembering what they have learnt, and they become more inventive
Diane Ravitch was an assistant secretary to education. She was mainly in the section of crating curriculum and she advocated for the renewal of the public education. With over four decades experience and research, she is against the restructuring of education today. That is, she does not agree with privatization of the education sectors, useless increase of specialized schools. In the her book, she has put it clearly using examples form the main cities such as Philadelphia, New York, Chicago, and many more why this method cannot be a platform to improvement in public education. She is of concern that the public education in America is in danger. She has given good directions to clear the mess in all public schools in America. Ravitch’s experience the school accountability, the way they test, the way people chose the school which many people educational systems recommend is not good at all and it fails the intellect of the students.
Politicians or businessmen cannot make good decisions about education. Instead, this should be the work of educationists. A good curriculum can help to roll out all the learning that should take place in public schools. All the charter schools must be absorbing all the needy kids, not every kid. For the teachers to work hard and passionately their wages should be fair. According to her, all the family members should work together from the elementary stages in education.&nbsp.

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