Define- Sociology stratification socialization and class Racism, racial formati

Define-Sociologystratificationsocializationand classRacism, racial formation, subordinate, minorityAffirmative ActionNaturalizationThe differences between racial groups and ethnic groupsBe able to identify 20 x 2 (40)The 5 social institutions which reflect the values of modern societyThe 5 Theoretical FramesThe 5 Consequences of Sub-Ordinate StatusThe 3 Theories of Prejudice2 Motivations of PrejudiceShort Essays:Racial Formation-How was early American racial formation different for white European immigrants and enslaved Africans in America. Please use specific evidence to support your essay.-Incorporate an example of how one of the twelve slave codes prevented a person from experiencing participation in American citizenship. With support and evidence from the text, demonstrate the difference between prejudice and discrimination. I am looking for specific examples drawn from the text and Power Points.-Be able to describe and illustrate two of the 5 characteristics of the Minority Experience. Perhaps define minority and illustrate these aspects of a specific cultural community/experience.-Contrast Absolute vs. Relative Deprivation. There is plenty of vocabulary that supports differentiating the two. You can use examples from specific cultural community/experience, as well as Consequences of Sub-Ordinate Status to shape your thinking.-Please describe the effect of immigrating and/or being of an immigrant community incorporating AT LEAST 2 of 6 Immigration Concerns to develop your essay.

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