describe and explain the most important contributions of fdr to the history of the united states

I need some assistance with these assignment. describe and explain the most important contributions of fdr to the history of the united states Thank you in advance for the help! History and Political Science 25 April Franklin Delano Roosevelt The Presidency of Franklin Delano Roosevelt has been a milestone event that predetermined the country’s development. He was re-elected to the post four times (which is a record in the U.S. history) and held it until his death in 1945. He shepherded the country through the period of the global economic crisis (1929-1933) to the victory of the Allies in 1945. His role and the role of his advisers in working out and implementation of the principles of social and foreign policy strategy, aimed at preservation and strengthening of the economic and foreign policy positions of the U.S., is extremely important.
His name is also connected with one of the most significant chapters in the history of American foreign policy and diplomacy – creation of the League of Nations that is a prototype of the modern United Nations. establishment and normalization of diplomatic relations with the Soviet Union. U.S. leading role in the anti-Hitler coalition and post war world. Roosevelt proved himself as an extraordinary, flexible and extremely cautious politician, able to guess the trend correctly and promptly and accurately respond to the changing mood of all social classes.
His New Deal program not only balanced the finance industry of the country during and after the worst financial crisis, but also helped to minimize serious social and political upheaval. This set of laws, passed by Congress on the initiative of the President, was a bold experiment in the sphere of state regulation. Thanks to Roosevelt, the U.S. spent more than 40 years without any crises. Capitalism as the economic system has survived in America just because Roosevelt managed to humanize industrial relations and introduced the principles of social responsibility. Roosevelt started the transformation of American society into a regulated and socially oriented.

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Roosevelt did his best to preserve and develop the existing socio-economic system in the country and strengthen the dominant position of the United States in the world. Roosevelt, in contrast to many other Presidents, has always remained a sober and pragmatic politician.
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