Description: The ongoing globalization has connected economic agents within and

Description: The ongoing globalization has connected economic agents within and across countries. Both demanders and suppliers have access to markets beyond their geographic locations. Accordingly, scholars have defined international entrepreneurship as 1) the ability and willingness to establish and manage international supply chain systems, 2) the ability to penetrate unfamiliar or familiar international markets, 3) the ability to navigate through different country-specific legal systems, 4) partnering with foreign businesses. Access to broader markets (domestic and foreign) will enhance economic growth and thereafter international trade. You are required to select a hypothetic company, within an identified industry, and identify market opportunities in international markets (At least 2 countries should be identified). For your selected company (within a specific industry), list and elaborate on strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats, the company’s owner should be aware of. Special instructions: From 3 to 4 pages (excluding the cover page, reference list, and appendix) Maximum 4 pages, minimum 3 pages, line spacing (1.5 pts). Write in plain English, use in-text citations, and any “Table or Figure” should be placed in the appendix.

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