digital tv in saudi arabia.

Need an research paper on digital tv in saudi arabia. Needs to be 19 pages. Please no plagiarism. Introduction television in Saudi Arabia was first introduced in 1964. The television system in Saudi Arabia is dominated by super five companies including Middle East Broadcasting Center, Dubai TV, Lebanese Broadcasting Corporation, Saudi TV, and Rotana. All these broadcasting companies’ control about 80% of the pan-Arab broadcasting market (Arabsat,2014). Great investors in Saudi Arabia are always after two major networks such as MBC and OSN networks. Saudi Arabia is the second-largest in the Arab region with satellite TV penetration with headquarter based in Saudi Arabia.
Saudi Arabia television broadcast was first originated from ALJ-TV which was a 200-watt television station. ALJ-TV was an English broadcasting station which was mainly for USAF Dhahran Airfield who was the current Saudi Arabia personnel. The programs which were found in ALJ-TV were directly from American television (Arabsat, 2014). But due to the fact that Americans are Christians and Arabs are Muslims, all references were translated back to Islamic. in the year 1957, an organization known as ARAMCO started television services in Dhahran.
For a long period of time, there existed critics for the formation of national television as they regarded it as immoral by exposing images of human beings. Recitation of the Quran became the first broadcast on national television in 1965. Women were not allowed to involve themselves in working in television studios. In 1966, the first woman to appear on the television studio was known as Nawal Baksh. However, this led to a total ban of women to appear on television stations in Saudi Arabia until new rules were set that favored them but not that much. The new rule stated that any woman can work in a television station but should not be seen working during the time of Ramadan.

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The launching of Arabsat in 1985 led to the first Arab satellite but it didn’t take a long time that satellite television broadcasting became commercially viable in the 1990s (Arabsat, 2014). Most Saudi Arabia residents were much affected by the American channels which were popular compared to Saudi Arabia television channels. Such incidents led Arabs television to adhere to most programs of America. American TV channels were free to everyone and the majority liked their mode of anchoring (Arabsat, 2014).
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