Directed : Cognitive Behavioural Approach of AB.

Hello, I am looking for someone to write an article on Directed : Cognitive Behavioural Approach of AB. It needs to be at least 1250 words. The outburst of externalizing behavior results in vandalism, physical aggression, and impulsive behavior in the adolescence stage (Hill et al., 2006). The authors also claim that externalizing behaviors are not related to abnormal distribution of attention. The study has been performed on a sample constituting of male prisoners to assess the externalizing behavior on their ‘Impulsive-Antisociality’ scale. On observing behavioral traits it was identified that the prisoner who had a high marking on the Impulsive- Antisociality scale had steeper Attention Blink (Baskin-Sommers et al., 2012).
People suffering from externalizing behavioral traits usually over-allocate attention. Attention has been defined to be a phenomenon to concentrate or focus on one thing while ignoring all others going in the same way. Attention is defined to be one of the consequential performances that the human brain performs (Oakley, 2004). In a larger context, attention is the processing of human information, which enhances the concentration towards particular information and inhibits the others at a given instance. Externalizing behavior has always led to a deficit of attention or hyperactive disorders. Moreover, while analyzing various cases psychiatrist has come across a disorder of stimulating auditory attention (Palermo et al., 2006). Another trait that has been identified among the people suffering from a disorder of externalizing behavior is executive functioning. Executive functioning is a set of interrelated skills and behavioral competencies that are necessary for performing independent goal-directed activities and purposeful. Executive functioning activities include cognitive behaviors, attention control, information processing abilities, and goal setting abilities (Corbett, n.d.).
Accordingly, another behavioral trait identified by the authors to be an outcome of the externalizing behavior is termed as Attentional Blink (AB).

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