Discuss advantages and disadvantages of facebook.

Write 5 pages thesis on the topic the advantages and disadvantages of facebook. These students have found a way to interact and communicate with each other explicitly. They talk to each other about things that are concerned with their lives, university, and interests, etc.
Facebook is a great medium for advertising online. It is a well-organized and effective means of publicity and promotion since it doesn’t cost much and gets to the entire world. Any business would want to reach out and advertise its products to such a large number o people. These advertisements open up a lot of opportunities and possibilities for businesses without costing much.
Social networking sites like Facebook are very helpful when it comes to tracking down lost friends and relatives. Apart from that, it also entertains certain groups and causes which allow many people to come together with common love and interests helping them in breaking the border barrier and become friends with each other. Clients as well as users can make these groups and pages and create discussion topics.

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Facebook has also allowed young entrepreneurs to advertise and start their businesses online. It is almost like opening up a website for products only much easier and convenient. By taking orders online on Facebook, it has helped these student entrepreneurs to run their businesses with efficiency.
Photo sharing is one of Facebook’s supreme strengths. this feature of sharing photos with friends came out as a great advantage to Facebook as well as its users. It is a very easy process and can be done through Facebook mobile as well. The Facebook user can sort it into albums and restrict the view to whoever they want to, making privacy of those photos possible. This was one of the reasons why Facebook gained its popularity over sites like Orkut. This feature also allows users and friends to comment on photos and start conversations.
However, one of the main advantages that Facebook has is the fact that people can share their thoughts with their friends, family, and public online.
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